The College community

You’ll experience a very enjoyable student community at the College of the Resurrection. The community is diverse and comprises a mix of ages, genders, cultures, church and academic backgrounds, and vocational routes. We value all kinds of diversity, and celebrate the value of women in ordained ministry.

Students and staff all value the strong sense of community here. There is a strongly supportive environment for study and formation; there is a feeling of mutual commitment; we serve one another; and lifelong friendships are often formed.

Loving others as ourselves

By living, studying, eating and worshipping alongside one another, we all learn to put the needs of others ahead of our own preferences. At the same time, we each care for our own needs, remembering that Christ bids us love our neighbours as ourselves.

Finding balance

One very important feature of our common life is the support and encouragement it gives us as we prepare for the very real demands of priestly ministry and get to grips with the right balance for us between ‘work’ and ‘life’. From the monastic tradition we learn the importance (within all Christian vocations) of seeking a harmonious balance between prayer, study, work, rest, and hospitality.

Always a warm welcome

At Mirfield, you join a community for life. Even when students leave us for parish or other ministries, they remain members of the college – and at Mirfield this is true in an especially grounded way. Here, the monastic community remains the beating heart of all that we do. Many former students return to the college, whether regularly or just occasionally, to meet up with members of the community, to come on retreat, or for spiritual direction.