Undergraduate Course in Theological Studies

Our BA (Honours) degree in Theological Studies combines the rigour of study at a leading Russell Group university with the vocational and practical focus appropriate to formation for ordained ministry.

You’ll interact with up-to-date thought and scholarship, bringing them into lively conversation with your growing experience of pastoral ministry on term-time and summer placements.

The full course lasts for 3 years, although many of our students  can be admitted directly into the second year, allowing them to complete the degree in 2 years.

Training for ministry?

Ordinands aged under 32 who do not have a previous degree in theology are normally sponsored by the church for three years of study. In this case, we offer the following programmes of study:

• BA (Hons) over 3 years
• BA (Hons) over 2 years, followed by 1 year of postgraduate study on a non-accredited, placement-based course
• BA (Hons) over 2 years, followed by 1 year of postgraduate study leading to the Postgraduate Diploma
• BA (Hons) over 2 years, followed by 1 year of postgraduate study leading to the MA.

Independent student?

You don’t need to be heading for ministry to come and study with us; see our information for independent students.

What will you study?

You will cover Old and New Testament Studies, Modern Theology, the Patristics, Ecclesiology, Liturgical Studies, Missiology, Pastoral Studies, Homiletics, Moral Theology and Anglican Studies, and you’ll also have opportunities to learn the biblical languages. You can choose to write a dissertation as part of your final year.

How will you learn?

People learn in different ways and so, in line with best academic practice, we offer a wide range of learning and assessment environments. Learning takes place in lectures, seminars, tutorials, study days and workshops. We have a very advantageous student:staff ratio, which means that classes are generally small and interactive. You will take around a third of your modules at the University of Sheffield.

How will you be assessed?

Studentsare assessed through essays, presentations, case studies, group projects and theological reflection. Except in the case of the biblical languages, there are no examinations. One-to-one tutorial support is offered on all assessed essays.

Bringing and taking credits

The BA (Hons) degree is a flexible programme which lets students transfer credits from other courses; this can offer more opportunities to follow your own interests during your time here. You can also take college credits with you into post-ordination training in the diocese where you are a curate.

Fast-track to a master’s degree

Our flexible approach to the transfer of credits permits some ordinands and other students to go straight into the second yearof the BA and to leave three years later with an MA. Small class sizes and the support of a strong community life mean that suitable students can complete this academic fast-track course while taking full advantage of the vocational and practical opportunities available. The programme is studied as follows:

• Year 1: Study at Level 2 of the BA degree course
• Year 2: Study at Level 3 (Honours level) of the BA degree
• Year 3: Study for the master’s degree.

Want to know more?

If you have a specific question or would just like to chat about your options please do call us or contact our academic registrar.