Unlike many places of academic study, our specialist nature means that our libraries and learning resources are dedicated exclusively to the study of theology, the Bible, liturgy and related fields.

Through libraries on our campus and at two leading universities in the North of England, you’ll have superb access to the specialist books and journals you’ll need to support your studies.

The college’s library

Our own specialist library, on-site at the College of the Resurrection, offers 13,000 volumes (including many not carried by multidisciplinary university libraries).

The community’s library

The Community of the Resurrection has developed an excellent library to which our students have full access. This library contains a significant collection of more than 80,000 theological and biblical volumes, with particular strengths in liturgical studies.

The libraries at the University of Sheffield

Students reading for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Mirfield are registered with the University of Sheffield, and have access to all of its facilities — including the libraries and computer clusters. In addition to over 1,300,000 printed volumes at the libraries, from the quiet comfort of your study-bedroom you’ll be able to access 20,000 e-journals, 600 databases and 130,000 e-books.

The libraries at the University of Leeds

You’ll also have borrowing rights at the internationally renowned library of the University of Leeds. This library, which is one of the major academic research libraries in the UK, has over 2,600,000 books and 9,000 periodicals.