A Start of Term Reflection by Emily Lawrence

Change is always uncomfortable but is also exciting and hints at the freedom you possess to be who you are called to be. My first weeks at college have been uncomfortable, overwhelming, exhausting and exciting.  In fact, there are so, so, many emotions going around in my body and mind all at once, it’s hard to pin them down! It has also not been strange for me to take the COVID-19 precautions having come from the full-time role of Healthcare assistant in a nursing home. I feel that the college has carefully and diligently considered and put in place all the precautions required to keep both staff and students safe and I do feel extremely safe here. I look forward to taking on the role and responsibilities of Assistant Infirmarian.

In conclusion, over and above all of the anxiety and fear of ‘the unknown’, I have felt held. Held by God, fellow students and the brethren of the Community. There is a sense here, at The College, of the timelessness of Heaven, in my surroundings and in the rhythm of the day, from morning prayer to compline at night and I can sense the working of the Holy Spirit. Often, in the past few weeks, my prayers have felt truly ‘heard’ and have been answered, always when I least expected it.