A reflection from Annie on her time at CoR.

Gratitude and sorrow describe my feelings as formation at Mirfield draws to a close. The final week of term, typically drenched in tears and / or gin, has come and gone rather quietly from our respective lockdown locations. This is because many ordinands left the College in March when theological colleges across England entered into coronavirus lockdowns. Those of us who are now moving on to curacies, wondering when ordinations will be conducted, have had to say goodbye from a distance, in isolation. This stands in stark contrast to the closeness and warmth of common life that we’ve enjoyed at the College of the Resurrection.

But thanks to the creativity of the College, my term-from-home was filled out with daily prayer, tutor group meetings, an MA module on liturgy, a week of teaching on Islam, and a week of research presentations by fellow ordinands. These have been true highlights as I prepare to enter IME 2. While the online format had unfortunate drawbacks, I noticed that a few features of community life from College-in-Mirfield remained utterly unchanged by virtual College:

1. Arriving to Mattins with 30 seconds to spare. And awkwardly avoiding eye contact with everyone.

2. Enthusiasm for tat. Whether hung discreetly as a screen background or modelled for others on the Zoom call, the Mirfield zeal for vestments was unabated by quarantine.

3. Lots of joy and laughter. From tutor group meetings to pub quizzes, we continued to share that joy which builds community and resilience.

Some things never change, not even in the virtual world. I’m grateful for the knowledge that no matter what the future holds, I will be surrounded by the prayers of the College and Community while in my curacy. Be assured that my thoughts and prayers remain with you as well. Until we meet again!