Thurible Training

This year’ College Sacristans, Sam & Fran have been training a new generation of students in the use of a thurible. All students share in serving at the liturgies of the College and Community of The Resurrection. Read more


A Start of Term Reflection by Josh Pollard

Josh Pollard I can say with a beaming smile that three weeks into college, I have settled into the rhythm of life at Mirfield. The timetable and structure of the day appeared somewhat daunting when ... Read more


A Start of Term Reflection by Natalie West

Natalie West Three weeks on, life here at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield has quickly settled into a daily rhythm of prayer, worship and living together in community alongside a diet of lectures, tutorials, ... Read more


A Start of Term Reflection by Emily Lawrence

Change is always uncomfortable but is also exciting and hints at the freedom you possess to be who you are called to be. My first weeks at college have been uncomfortable, overwhelming, exhausting and ... Read more