ORATE 2019

We are pleased to publish the Orate for our students being ordained Deacon or Priest this year.
Please hold them in your prayers.


Paul Fitzpatrick                              Southwark              29 June
(St Michael and All Angels, South Bennington with St Paul, Roundshaw)

Kathryn Goldsmith                          Leeds                    29 June
(St James the Great, Chapelthorpe and St Peter, Woolley with West Bretton)

Benjamin Jarvis                              Newcastle             29 June
(St Mary, Monkseaton)

Caroline Rink                                  London                  29 June   
(St Mary’s Kilburn and St James, West Hampstead)

 Carol Schofield                              Manchester           30 June
(Wythenshawe Benefice)

Lois Ward                                       Blackburn               29 June
(Benefice of Poulton, Carleton & Singleton) 

Paul Wheeler                                  Chester                  30 June                   
(St Mary’s, Nantwich)


Toby Artis                                       Oxford                    23 June
(St Mary the Virgin, Chipping Norton)

Alexander Crawford                      Durham                   29 June
(St Chad’s, Bensham and Teams with St Helen’s, Gateshead)

Richard Dashwood                       Manchester             November
(St Thomas’ Moorside, Oldham)

Jane Finn                                        Leeds                   13 July
(Halifax Minster)

Sebastian Hamilton                     Gloucester               29 June
(St Mary the Virgin, Tewkesbury)

Jill Hancock                                    Derby                     29 June
(East Scarsdale Team Ministry, Bolsover)

Stephanie Keates                          Newcastle              29 June
(The Benefice of St George and St Hilda, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Christopher Minchin                     Newcastle                29 June
(St James’, Benwell and St John’s Scotswood)

Miles Pateman                                Ely                         29 June
(St Vigor, Fulbourn, St Nicholas, Great Wilbraham, and
St John the Evangelist, Little Wilbraham with St George, Six Mile Bottom)

Peter Powell                                  Carlisle                  29 June
(St Michael’s, Workington) 

Lucy Sullivan                                  Chichester            16 June
(St Margaret of Antioch, Rottingdean)

Tracey Usher                                   Newcastle            29 June         
(St Gabriel’s, Newcastle upon Tyne)