From Mirfield to California

Lois in San Fran

I had the opportunity to spend the Advent Term on exchange at the Church Divinity School Pacific, California and what a treat it was! The CDSP community was very different in nature to the CoR community but special in its own way with less focus on worship and service and more focus on Academia and the wider Church. 

There were many similarities and differences between the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the liturgy, the theology, the political climate, it felt both familiar and foreign at the same time. To be able to live those experiences gave me a renewed understanding of the Anglican Communion that can only be gained through living in a different Country, Culture and Church. 

I arranged a ‘Mirfield Day’ in the College Chapel, starting with Evensong on Wednesday followed by Compline and starting Thursday with College Mattins, then Midday Office and a College Mass in the evening. It was a joy to be able to share the liturgy that I value with my CDSP community and a delight to see it so well received.

I made some dear dear friends, that hopefully I will see again. In my free time I got to explore the local area and further afield. I fell in love with San Fransisco, I also got to see the Red Woods in Nor Cal and I visited Idaho and Las Vegas. I now have a list of places I want to see when I return.

It was a major achievement for me to travel to the States. Hopefully the exchange programme will continue beyond Phil and I as I know both of us found it to be a truly transformative experience. With much thanks to the All Saints Company for making it possible.